Thursday, 13 June 2019

Wisdom Tooth Chronicles: Part III

Finally, we’re finishing off the wisdom tooth recount with you guys! As I mentioned before, so often you hear of horror stories at the dentist’s office getting wisdom teeth extracted, and yet no one seems to relate their stories that were pretty good or just plain neutral. So, I felt the need to share mine with you so that you have some input from a relatively mild experience, one that is probably more on par with what you can actually expect if you’re getting your wisdom teeth extracted soon.

I believe I last left off talking about the local and acute numbing making my mouth feel unbelievably fat and clunky to the point where I found it a little troublesome to breathe and swallow, two things that you pretty much have to do all the time, especially while laying back in a chair while someone works on your mouth. You’ll be swallowing a lot during that time, and for the numbing to make it tougher, that wasn’t my favorite part.

The good thing about the numbing, though, is that I didn’t feel pretty much anything. The dentist popped out all four teeth as if they were nothing, focusing a little more time on the one that was rotted at that point. But I really can honestly say I experienced no discomfort from pain itself during the process and that’s what most people talk about after their own trips to get wisdom teeth pulled.

What’s more is that once I was done, I was free to go with instructions to keep the area wet, don’t eat anything hard for a few days, and I’d be good to go. While my girlfriend laughed at me trying to communicate to her at the time once we were on our way to the grocery for easy and soft foods, I was able to remove the gauze and cotton later that night and truly felt little to no pain.

The ensuing days saw a soreness to my sockets, but it was to be expected and honestly didn’t hurt that badly. Within a week I was pretty much back to my regular diet and found no troubles eating anything and absolutely zero pain from the sites.

Overall, I had a very average and easy experience with getting my wisdom teeth removed, and to me, that was a win. There was a little discomfort here and there and some soreness afterwards, but it was absolutely nothing compared to what people typically say about their experiences!

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